Coffee Italian Espresso

Coffee in the 




Italian Espresso, Oil on Panel


Grab this guy, too

After coffee, nothing refreshes the spirit like a walk in the garden.

Sun reflecting off golden daylilies, cool morning air softening the subtle smoky pink of the azalea.        ----- Great buy at $20 on a faux-matted sturdy Kodak paper, this is ready to pink up at work, home or drop it by a friend's place for a house-warming gift!

I like coffee b/c it gives me the illusion that I might be awake!
— Lewis Black


Coffee!  (paint oil on panel canvas)

Number one stimulant, as far as the legal ones are concerned.  For years (two decades, really), I've been a Barista at one of your fave coffee joints. Slinging beans is my Second favorite passtime, so this shot seemed appropriate. A bit of patience later & she's the result...
Call it what you will, but this stuff'll be around for eons to come!